A reflection of the past year

Hi readers!

TK my author in crime is letting me take over the blog. I saw all your comments about some of my posts. And I felt very upset that some of them were misinterpreted. However, mistakes are what make people human. I have deleted the racist posts. However, in place of it will be this.

Like everyone else last year I was going through a lot of shit. Between COVID, protests for racial equality that I had a hard time understanding, and an election that was full of controversial things on its own, why don’t we revisit the privilege thing. Because TK and I feel being privileged is more than just a racial issue. It’s also an accessibility issue as well.

Think about it, if I weren’t verbal what would happen? Would I be treated well? Would I be able to have a life?Would I have my decisions respected? It’s sad to say, but no. People who are semi or non verbal are treated worse than those who can. They are refused access to alternative methods of communication and are treated like they are vegetables that have no intellect. Who sticks up for them outside their parents? Who accommodates them? Are they protected? No! They are not. Not even ADA protects them from a denial of access. It’s supposed to but it doesn’t. What’s ironic about it, is that the law was drafted by a disabled person who used a wheelchair. She made the law written in a way that only favors those like her and forgets everybody else. Whatever she did write for people with other disabilities really screwed us all over for the last 31 years. One word wrecked us all —reasonable. Reasonable means we can ask, but whomever we do gets the final say — not us. It denies us academic support, lodging accommodations, and gives MORE PRIVILEGE to those who can handle full time learning than those who prefer part time learning. Those who have money for better supports have MORE PRIVILEGE too. Those on Medicaid for services have very little help or privilege at all. The Medicaid services are of poor quality and won’t even support the opportunity to get a college degree. They think we’re “dumb” because we need extra support. This is where privilege becomes a civil rights issue. Yet, the politicians think privilege is race only. This is where they are wrong. This is why the state programs that are supposed help us don’t. ADA doesn’t protect the privilege of having an education, a house, financial stability, quality health care, having a life and being treated with respect by non disabled folk. Federal and state law are connected to each other. If the federal law is poorly written it affects the quality of state laws. The federal law is the blueprint for what the states can do — not respect or fully accommodate people. We need to convince Congress if they want to truly be inclusive, #reviseADA. Awareness isn’t enough anymore. WE WANT RESPECT.

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