News Update and What is ABA?

I haven’t posted in awhile so let me give an update to what’s going on. The government have decided to put more stress on disabled kind when it comes to SSI. They now want to review your case every two years. This is an upright issue of discrimination for those on the Spectrum because of how much of  a nuisance it is for us especially for those with more sensory issues. In addition, this shows that despite the forward movement of inclusion, that we are still left behind. They still think that Autism magically disappears at 21. Until they wake up from their ignorance and näivety we will continue to suffer at the hands of Ableism and Ableist behavior. Speaking of Ableism, today’s story: what ABA therapy really is and why many in the Spectrum community, their parents or both are not for it.

First off, what is ABA therapy? Applied Behavior Analysis therapy or ABA for short, was designed for people on the Spectrum, by Ables, to correct either sensory or challenging behaviors encountered in the able world. If done correctly, the person can adapt and thrive and if done incorrectly, an Autistic person has PTSD for life. I was just came off a tandem phone call with Mamma Duke asking about information about what the whole thing is all about and I can see why people have mixed feelings about it. The way they structured the whole thing is VERY unrealistic! They believe that after they teach you the skills you requested to improve from them, that the environment you live in will magically adapt to your every whim and accommodate our needs. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The world does not do that not for people on spectrum or ever! — Unless people change the law, which unfortunately for us will take a longer time than other things due to the Ables having other issues that need solving first. So I deem ABA as pipe dream therapy due to it’s very unrealistic structure and theory. In this world, pipe dreams of any form don’t get you anywhere or anything unless action is taken! But because of how ableism is still rampant it’s so not happening. So, until people are willing to accommodate us in the real world regardless of what age we are or stage of life, ABA therapy is extremely useless and doesn’t solve anything! I’m not supportive of pipe dream therapy. Because pipe dream therapy doesn’t teach the world how to respect us, accommodate us or even get people to change. In short ABA therapy really is a big joke!

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