Why Can’t I Just Let Go?

The Holidays are coming and for last few years it’s been very bitter. I keep on thinking about my relatives in Florida who don’t talk to me. I stopped talking to them but it still hurts. It’s like want to forget them but I still want the connection at the same time. I’m just very sentimental I guess. I feel so heartbroken that I went to visit them for Passover all throughout my childhood and early adulthood, gave them my cell number when I got one, and they act like I’m not as important as the rest of the family. Their true colors showed when I got hurt. No hello, no how are you, no video chat to include me, nothing! Yet I still think about them instead of letting them go. Why do I still consider them family? Maybe I feel my connection to Mima has been disgraced. She didn’t survive Auschwitz them to treat me or her this way. I feel so alone.

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