I’m Tired of Being Treated Like Trash!

Why is it when I get as new care manager and work with them for a while. I get the same half baked, lackadaisical results? Why do I have to go through six of them just to get a life plan written and then get tossed around when it comes to what I really want? Is it that hard for you to stick up for me the way I need you to? Would you rather me get more depressed than I already am? It’s bad enough that the suicides risks in Autistic adults are more increased due the lack of support they get especially for women. You not helping me hurts and you don’t get that! Nor do you want to. But what to do to defeat you and your shallowness. Stop treating me like the drapes I fold at work and maybe I wouldn’t be depressed and need a therapist. Then again, your thick skull doesn’t want to register anything.  You’d rather tap out than put a shoulder up to keep the match going. I do not tolerate tapouts like you. You need step up your game if we’re gonna work together.

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