Terminology From the Last Article.

TK was confused about some of the technobabble I spewed out in my last post. So I’m gonna translate this to simplese for you. The Opwdimwits have this thing called “Self-Direction” for people who need supports and services as well as other medical needs. It’s also supposedly for people like me who don’t fit their service pigeonhole. However, trying to get things started has been a real pain in the ass. Getting someone to write and support this thing called a “life plan” has been difficult. This is supposed to be a blueprint for your lifetime goals. However, if not written the right way it can lead to the wrong services and not being taken seriously. The hard part for me was finding someone one, willing to write it, two, know what their doing while they are, and three, actually get them to listen to how you want it written so YOU can be taken seriously. Especially, with the biography part of the document explaining your goals and health issues. If it’s not worded right to the tee, you ain’t gonna get jack squat! The people who write this bullshit are called “care managers,” pfft! She ain’t managing me well if she can’t write and use grammar like a decent human being! If I had to tell her four plus times what I want her to put, she really doesn’t have any brains and isn’t interested in getting some either! I’ve been though half a dozen of these shlubs and I STILL can’t get them to do what’s right! She can’t even find the right support staff for me, and these programs for my needs are outside the Opwdimwits ideals and funding. Therefore, I’m stuck paying a lot of dough because they don’t take insurance. “Oh it’s a lot of money!” No shit Sherlock! Why do I keep on getting people that have donkey dung for brains?!🙄

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