Hiring of Staff is NOT Fun!

Due to the broken system of the OPWDimwits, I’m stuck with people not getting the fact that I’m not like the rest of them and to stop shoving shit that doesn’t work in my face to make me leave them alone! I know what I want why won’t you listen to me!?! I wanted that specific person for a reason due to her nursing education not this dimwit studying psychology who has Day Hab experience. I’m not looking for a glorified adult babysitter! I want a degree in Veterinary Technology, not be taken to day care for grown ups! Why do they keep on giving me unqualified people? They should have a staff registry. But they don’t wanna listen to me, I’m the dumb Autistic chick.  They think they’ve got AAALLLLL the answers. HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BULLSHIT!!!!!! They’re full of it!!!!

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