I hate trends they can sometimes be SO annoying! What’s the use of it if old things become new again? Plus what if you like what you wear just the way it is? What if the newest thing ain’t too great? I have to get new glasses and my frames are over five years old. I’m very attached to them. I like the thick earpieces because they don’t cut into my ear and metal frames make me look sophisticated and not childish. I also like purple anything. I was lucky that was able to get these specially ordered. I liked the look but not the color (why do people like tortoiseshell colored glasses so much? Yecch!).  However, this time is different. Now the latest trend is to return to those awful plastic frames I hated wearing as a kid, wear glasses with no bottom frame, or wire glasses with the thin earpieces that I hated cutting into my ear (in addition to it being flimsy looking).  They’re also going back to the 50’s with cat’s eye glasses. I love animals but those are UGLY! I love my current frames just the way they are but the five year limit prevents me from putting new lenses in my old frames. 😭

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