The New Head OPWDimwit (Part 2)

Reporting live from Westchester, New York at Westschester Institute for Human Development. Right now Mr. Head dimwit is spewing the same rubbish as in Manhattan. What are you going to do about it? Are you gonna stick it to Governor McDumDum in Albany that he needs to care about us and not about putting funds into a shellfish bed to prevent water pollution? Meanwhile there’s a political bigwig who is actually interested in helping and advocating for us. (More than what Grodendick and Suozzi fozzie bear has ever done.) Now I hope the questions I wrote down from my original visit last week will finally be answered. I just picked three of the seven I wrote so I won’t bombard captain bimbodrone so much. I am so bored right now because he is talking about financial technobabble that I don’t understand. He also needs to speak up! Ugh! I hate how he’s making excuses about “I don’t know I just got here” instead of giving a straight answers. Not as much convinced as last time. We are not going to wait until next year for your improvements. We have no time. Now he making excuses about how he didn’t know how big self misdirection was gonna get and about another new evaluation that’s been around for awhile but parents have been refusing to use called CAS to fund the ideals of self misdirection and one of its major features called community habilitation or Com hab. I don’t like that he is going back to the DDP2 evaluation which is extremely outdated because of how it only seems to cover those who are more severe than those like myself who have learning issues. Plus, what about those like myself who aren’t as high maintenance as others? The one size fits all routine doesn’t work anymore! I don’t like how he doesn’t have a straight answer to everyone’s questions and I don’t know is SO not an appropriate reply to so many frustrated parents. I don’t like that the training for staff is in Suffolk Community College which, ironically enough has a bad reputation when it comes to access to college accommodations. He kept on avoiding giving the right answer. Not right. These poor people.

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