News from the Home Front

Yesterday the new commissioner of OPWdimwits came to address us and take our questions. I felt that NYCFAIR, the organization that set this up made it very lopsided — THEY DIDN’T LET ME SPEAK DURING THE MEETING! I had to wait until the end. I felt bad about yelling in his face because it’s not his fault there’s a lack of funding.  However, he should try and fight with CuomoMcdumdum to get more because of how many issues we have with the system. I HATE when people silence me!  They had no right! I came at will! I’m not a ventriloquist dummy my Mom controls, I have a voice too! I hate how they act like self advocates don’t matter. I also don’t like how they act when we find everything ourselves without their help and think that we don’t need them. BULLSHIT! We’re doing this ourselves because you’re not doing your job the right way! How would you feel if you were ignored, mislead, misinformed, and unable to get assistance finding staff for nine years because your needs don’t fit in the mold that the OPWDimwits set up for everyone? If you were in my shoes you’d mad be too! I had every right to be pissed. #DONTSILENCEME.

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