How NOT to Write to Potential Com Hab Workers.

My mom was yakking at me to finally email these two potential community habilitation or Com Hab workers for short. When I finally did, she didn’t like what I wrote. I thought it was a funny and creative way to express my needs. She thought I wasn’t taking it seriously! I was! I just hate not knowing what to write without being boring! I mean, that idea just popped into my head! I felt like it was like The Price is Right where you bid on prizes. Where in this case you’re bidding for a job! GEEZ! You told me to be myself when writing and I did. I’m trying to sound likeable and whatever I do is not working! -eye roll- This is what I wrote:

Dear Potential com hab workers,
One of you will win the lovely opportunity of… dealing with all of my Autistic nonsense! This lovely package includes me being frustrated by idiotic people, being bored of studying, poor planning and time management, as well as not being able to do my own laundry and house work. In addition, you will dealing with a lot of WWE references, foul language and insults towards public officials who would rather make me deal with their lackeys or brush me off because I don’t live on their speck of the map. Isn’t that a lovely thought? So if you find fulfillment in helping a 29 year old girl finally return to college, help change legislation for better disability rights for all people on the spectrum, loves animals and wrestling, and have a calm, understanding, demeanor when it comes to all of the bullshit this world likes throw at me. Then this may be for you! You can get hired to help if the credentials are right.

You know what? Fuck it! I’m gonna send it off to Judy anyway! (If Mom doesn’t stop me first! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

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