People are so quick to make you fill out so much paperwork, but when you need them to to do something they brush you off and don’t pull through. Either that or they do a half baked job. It’s just so annoying!!!!! WHY CAN’T I GET ANYTHING DONE WITH THESE MORONS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! If I did a half baked job at the vet’s office I would be told to redo it. why am I stuck with such idiotic MSC’s/CCO’s? I’ve been fighting with these fucking shlubs for a decade already! I’m fed up with their stupidity! government officials are just as bad. they wanted to cut back funds for paying the caregivers that are taking care of the more severe people in the spectrum community. Why are The Ables so stupid?

What’s worse is when they ask you to email them and you’re stuck waiting six months for a response only to get the same fucking bullshit you’ve already looked into dumped on you again. What’s the use of me calling or emailing you if you’re going to give me the same idiotic shpiel as every other stupid person we’ve contacted so far? I’m fucking fed up! But I know if I give up, like Alicia Fox tapping out, they win and I get nothing.

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