A Recap of Last Week’s Stupidity

Last week I went to the library for a “life skills” course it’s in quotes because it was everything but that. I brought the handout home to Mamma Duke (after erasing all the foul comments I made pencil first) She thought it was too complicated. I thought it was annoying and asinine. She didn’t even answer my question correctly! It only talked about one form of time management and not the other. If you’re on the Spectrum you don’t interpret things the same as ables do so you think time management for work and school are two different things instead of a whole. I was a rude piece of shit the entire time. Let them see my Spectrum – sized temper! Let them see how tired I am of not being listened to! So yes I’M CALLING THESE DIMWITS OUT! Then again, folks from CIDNY ain’t too bright anyway! My mother and I dealt with them, they didn’t like that I was being a bitch and hung up. Shows that they don’t care about how frustrated I am about the system not working in my favor. My friend James thought the course was bad too. He thought it was boring. Who could blame him? Plus she really didn’t give any alternative solutions to the old fashioned to-do list. What if that solution doesn’t work? What if there needs to be another way to do something? What a buncha dummies! I came looking for a better way to do things, but end up getting the same stupid suggestions I’ve already fucking tried! REALLY?!!?!? What a great waste of time! #allergictobullshit

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