The Head Dimwit Visits My Yard

Last week the head OPWDimwit finally came down from her glittery high castle in the kingdom of Albany to grace us with her presence for a meeting about the so-called new Managed care system as well as self -misdirection (As I call it). It didn’t go too well as you can imagine, because the parents were concerned about the fact that their kids who have chronic issues, won’t be served properly due to them letting the department of health take over.

The department of health can easily take away what you need as soon as you improve and expect you to be cured after a certain amount time like all the healthcare providers expect.  Why are they making this mistake? You know all too well most doctors in the Boroughs and Long Island refuse to accept Medicaid in the first place.- Oh wait a minute, you don’t because you wouldn’t have done this big mistake in the first place if you did.

Now for the second issue. The continual unsolved problems of self direction. Obviously she hasn’t listened to my mom previously on this issue and it’s taking other parents to get the point across her naïve upstate mindset stuck in her brain.  Why does It take more than one parent to complain about the idiocy we deal with from OPWDD down here on a daily basis? Are you finally gonna realize that self direction has been an inconsistent and incomplete system for years? Are you finally gonna see how inefficient this organization is? I hope so. You better listen this time or the parents will have every right to riot.

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