Yesterday, my Mom wanted me to sign up for this webinar I listened to today. WHAT A JOKE! Some webinar, PFFFT! One, they started late, two, they continuously lost audio, and three, what they say they’ll do was all…


These parents were ‘shocked’ at fact that my royal bluntness was making such ‘shrewd’ remarks. Well, how would you feel if your kids’ services and goals were ignored for eight years? You’d be pissed off, cursing, bitchily badmouthing the system too! You’d be mad if  every time you’re on the phone and they assume your Spectrum daughter is a son, if every politician you call acts like you’re speaking a foreign language or presents you with a big dose of regional bias. Or worse, you actually meet the shmuckaluvitch, and either pretends to understand you, cut you off like an idiotic know it all, or both at the same time. You’d be steamed too ladies and gents! So don’t be so quick to lash out at me and call me ‘obnoxious,’ cause guess what? Billy Joel’s right “only the good die young”. Sad to say it always takes many a hero’s sacrifice to just defeat one villain. I may be blunt, but I’m right! So, if you dimwitted parents would rather be brainwashed in their constant bullshit fest, be my guest! Don’t fight, deal with your kids being silenced, with their real dreams shut down and smashed to pieces! YOU HAVE A VOICE USE IT! I have many good reasons to be a jerkwad and big crazy Greek bitch. I’ve tried to be nice to people only to be laughed in my face and have staff members walk all over me and my Mom. So whomever’s not willing to fight fine! BE A LAZY ASS COWARD LIKE BROCK LESNAR AND SEE WHERE THAT GETS YA! I’ll move on to be the Roman Reigns of my world – with my Vet tech degree being the Universal Championship belt, held high over my head in triumph as the crowd looks on. -Blows raspberry-

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