Earlier this month, a little boy named Maddox Ritch was reported missing in North Carolina. The child had severe Autism and was non verbal. He was running with his dad in the park and the little boy ran too far that his father couldn’t keep up with him. Yesterday afternoon, they found the boy’s body dead in the woods. Haven’t people learned from Avonte Oquendo four years ago when he fled from school and ended up dead in the East River? Heck, I don’t even know if that law they passed to put alarms on the school doors is being enforced. Due to a lousy budget, the schools probably don’t have the funding to get it installed and microchipping the kid will get the PC police lashing out at parents for treating their kids like animals. Why are people into putting a microchip in their pet quicker than a kid on the severe end of the spectrum? If you want to be PC, we’re technically animals too. Albieit more intellectually developed, but we are scientifically classified as such because of our evolution from apes. However, we humans like to think we’re beyond that and refuse to accept the fact that we were just as uncivilized as wild animals at one point. (And I hate to say it but we sometimes still do despite our high intelligence.) We need to put a tracker on these kids so they can be found alive and not dead in the woods.

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