How fucking stupid are these guys?!?!
Eight fucking years being jerked around by the OPWDimwits only to find out all this time that I could’ve told Bernard Fineson FUCK YOU and get services in Nassau county? This is because of my Medicaid card and a code called a TABS number was zoned for Long Island instead of Queens!!! How dumb are these guys?!?!?! They couldn’t pick up on that and tell us?!?! We wouldn’t have known. We don’t know much about zones and TABS numbers. It would’ve saved me eight miserable years with these assholes on Winchester Boulevard! Nassau County has better services and guess what? I now have access to it after their stupidity caused me to get rejected for eight years! KISS MY ASS BERNARD FINESON! YOU WERE NEVER ANY HELP TO ME ANYWAY! YAHOO! SCREW YOU GUYS I’M GOIN’ TO COLLEGE!!! #ticketout #borderbitchgetsjustice

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