Dear World: A Spectrum Girl’s View on Inclusiveness.

Dear world,

You worry so much about inclusiveness and being politically correct. I can’t stand it!

Wait! what? You can’t stand it? The social media community lashes out at me. What’s wrong with you? You’re so insensitive!

Me: instead of lashing out at me listen to what I have to say!

Everyone: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

Me: Then how come disabled adults like myself are still mistreated and ignored? My problems don’t disappear into the ether! They’re still there! Autism doesn’t go away! Why do I always have to play mind games in order to not get jerked around to get supports and services for my needs? Why do I need to throw a fit in order for someone to do something for me? Stop lashing out at me and listen to my story of all the hardships I face. The laws for disabled people are more mandated for children. What happens when they turn 21? What happens when they grow up? Their services disappear! The older you get, the harder it is to get things.   You have to play mind games with the state organizations because they’re unwilling to assist High Functioning Spectrum adults who want a college degree. They’ll only help you if you’re severe. You can’t even get a decent Neuropsychological evaluation because whomever’s available in your area won’t take your insurance! Why would any parent want to pay $6,000.00 for an evaluation? In addition, people are sexist with Spectrum adults too! I mean, do you realize how hard it is for a girl to get diagnosed? People assume that all Spectrum folks are dudes!


Me: nobody’s interested. They keep on passing the buck and say “not in my backyard!”


Me: So World, now you know why I think P.C. and inclusiveness are a facade, a hoax, because it doesn’t help the right set of minorities. I’m stuck in the dark, excluded, as usual.

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