I am having problems with OPWDD again as usual. They are so stupid! The system is broken and people are afraid to speak out about it. This system is spiraling out of control! It’s terrible and the head of OPWDD doesn’t care in the least! Why is it that whomever my mom speaks to doesn’t have a clue, gives her the wrong information, or even worse not care in the least and hangs up on her? This is very frustrating! This system is hands off to the point of lawlessness. The commissioner does not see these flaws and refuses to correct them. If I ran OPWDD, I would root out the whole system and start from scratch. Here are my points of reformation:

  1. A universal set of rules to running agencies of all levels. Like businesses, OPWDD needs some ground rules. This way if a family has a problem, we can sort out the situation better. No rules, no way of assistance in any form. Currently, each CCO has their own set of rules and stipulations to keep potential clients away.
  2. COMMUNICATION!!!!!!!!!! If there are changes being put place such as a new evaluation for service qualifications make sure all facilities know what’s on the exams, who provides them, and options for who, how and where they can take it to make the kid more comfortable.
  3. Updated information! Parents always need something for their kids whether it be finding evaluations or staff to support their kid’s needs. The problem is that they are too lazy to cross reference agencies to see if one, they moved, two changed their phone number, or three changed what services they provide. So that when the parents call in for help, they won’t be either frustrated, on the phone all day or both.
  4. The abolition of regional gatekeeping. The system divides itself by counties. Meaning, if you don’t live in a certain area you don’t get what that region has to offer. I think is very unfair. How can I stay local if my facility doesn’t have the experience that Upstate and Long Island have? In addition, what if that specific person’s goals involve going to a different region? Not everyone stays in that speck of the map all their lives if their goals in life involve going somewhere else for it!
  5. Better knowledge about/ easier access to required evaluations. In order to receive services you need two basic evaluations: A psychological, which tests cognitively, how high functioning or not you are and a psychosocial which tests how you are mentally. However, if you are going into post-secondary education, you will need something more extensive that concludes and states your educational needs. This document is called a neuropsychological evaluation. If you live in the city like me, this particular exam is very hard to obtain. This is because the healthcare systems in the boroughs either don’t know what you’re talking about or, they have it and like to create stipulations of their own such as age limits, having to be mentally disabled, and not taking your insurance forcing you pay out of pocket.
  6. The ability to advocate on our behalf against uneducated government officials. This is skill in order to improve the lack of funding that these organizations get to assist in finding/ making better programs for individuals and finding staff with better credentials to provide the supports and services for people who are not fortunate enough to have all the right connections. If we don’t speak up and make enough noise to get them interested, government officials won’t give a hoot.
  7. Better training and hiring of OPWDD staff. The staff members at OPWDD and its CCO affiliates are SO stupid and uncreative! What a buncha robots! Where do they get these people from?!?!? Let me guess: A Cracker Jack box, a gumball machine, or even worse, the garbage chute in the Death Star? The other day, one dumb broad my mom spoke to tried to get me in trouble with the law! She thought I could get away with taking continuing education courses without finishing school and getting my Veterinary Technology degree and license! That’s fraud! The animal welfare laws here in both New York City and New York State are extremely strict to begin with! I could get arrested for that! People who work for OPWDD don’t have any brains at all! I bet you that’s what happens to all the jealous brainless kids that bully you in school!

And now the 8th and final thing I would do is…

Put Roman Reigns in charge!

Just kidding, he’s too busy! (But if I could I would!)

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