Frustration, Frustration!

My correspondent, Mamma Duke went to a meeting in Manhattan for the Queens Council for Developmental Disabilities or QCDD while I was working. It was about the so called “changes” in the irritating system known as OPWDD (who I prefer to call the OPWDimwits). She was extremely disappointed. And who could blame her? According to Mamma Duke, they couldn’t get their act together at the meeting. She brought up concerns on how they will handle specific situations and they were unable to give her a straight answer. These new people are supposed to be in effect July 1st? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The new system is called The People First Care Coordination (or lack thereof as Mamma Duke immediately discovered). This is supposedly replacing the already dilapidated Medicaid Service Coordination (who are already disorganized and uncoordinated enough to begin with) or MSC. The MSC’s were supposed to help serve individuals on the spectrum or other developmental disabilities receive ‘supports and services’ only to jerk you around for six months until they say “you’re too high functioning,” or that “you don’t live in our region,” or both along with “we can’t help you.” All we know is that MSC will be replaced with another acronym called CCO’s or Care Coordination Organizations. But will it still contain the same lackadaisical and disorganized remnants of the old system? Will they crack down on the old systems lack of communication, unprofessionalism, and disconnect between upstate and down? According to my research on the OPWDD site there is still a disconnect between upstate and down. If you decide to change CCO’s after July 1st they will only let you apply to one that is in your native county. Which can be a disaster for anyone living in the five boroughs. This is due to madam commissioner of the OPWDimwits, being a disabled person’s version of Stephanie McMahon, treating upstate like Brock Lesnar and the five boroughs like Roman Reigns. I know, me and my WWE references! But that’s what it feels like to me. Let me explain what I mean; upstate, like Brock Lesnar, is favored by The Authority and gets more privileges than other WWE Superstars. (He is hogging the universal championship right now and that pisses me off! He only shows up when he feels like it, suplex, F5, and then disappears with the belt until the next pay per view! GRR)! Upstate gets all best programs, trained professionals and funding for disabled people. The five boroughs however, like Roman Reigns, gets treated like crap by Stephanie McMahon and “The Authority” for no reason at all. Although well off, we still need help in certain areas. But, we don’t get any assistance and we’re stuck busting our butts off in every way possible to get our voices heard – only to get ignored – AGAIN!  Isn’t that a lovely thought? How annoying is it to not be heard?


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