The System Doesn’t Work! What Don’t They Get?

My friend, being a disabled kid is not easy, especially if you know what you want to do in life.  I just had a meeting with the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). It was frustrating! All they cared about was shoving kids in group homes and jobs they don’t want and like. They’re not interested in helping like me get a college degree.
The system just does not work; it’s stuck in the Stone Age. It doesn’t work unless you have all the connections in the world, which I don’t. What I mean by this, is that you have to hire your assistance staff on your own. They will only give you the funds to pay your staff with. Therefore, if you lack the connections to hire people, you will be screwed out of funding. Basically, it’s a catch 22. This ‘hands off’ approach doesn’t work for the parents at all. One woman at the meeting mentioned that she couldn’t even find someone who can just simply supervise their kid at their swimming class! They don’t get it! When will they see it doesn’t work?! All the system does is get me and my mom peeved because we can’t find staff members that can serve my needs properly! The Opwdimwits need to wake up and realize this “self-direction” idea has flaws. My mom and I tried everything to make them see. I even emailed the chairperson of OPWDD. As soon as I said I lived in Queens, she discontinued her correspondence with me. This is extremely unacceptable! You are the chairperson. You are supposed to address the issues in the branches of all regions! Not just upstate, not just Long Island, but everyone! What are we, chopped liver?  What have the five boroughs done to you? Why does upstate have this snooty attitude towards the city? I don’t get it! Is this the right way for our children to learn how act in the future? This movement of inclusiveness only seems to work in some areas and not others. Grownups can be so childish sometimes. Instead of being so petty, try to cooperate. Haven’t you all learned that in school and from your parents? Turning a blind eye to the problem is not the solution, doing something is.

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