WWE Superstar Roman Reigns

Hey readers! Today I’m going to touch on one of my most recent obsessions: WWE! Sunday is Wrestlemania 34 and I can’t wait! I am a HUGE Roman Reigns fan (hence the reason why my profile pic is a hot looking, badass wrestler with long hair and tribal tattoos). I dabbled in wrestling as a kid, but I didn’t really get into it until Roman Reigns and The Shield popped up. I went to three house shows in the past year at Madison Square Garden. It’s cheaper to get a house show ticket than for Raw and Smackdown (due to added service fees making it more pricey) as well as pay per views. Wrestlemania itself costs a mint. My dad won’t let me go next year because it’s gonna be too cold and MetLife stadium doesn’t have a roof. I’m trying to convince him to at least let me go to Wrestlemania Axxess to meet all of my favorite superstars – I want to meet the whole Shield! I want a picture with my hounds of justice and give them all hugs (especially Roman). I hope both him and Seth Rollins (aka: Colby Jack) win their respective title matches. When it comes to AJ Styles and Nakamura I don’t have a favorite to win – because I like them both. If AJ retains or Nakamura wins I don’t care because I will be happy either way. Now here’s the important part of Wrestlemania: surviving the fallout the next day. WWE pay per views are always on Sunday with the fallout on either Monday or Tuesday due to the brand split making pay per views either Raw or Smackdown. Wrestlemania is dual brand along with Survivor Series, Summer Slam, and Royal Rumble. Meaning that both Raw and Smackdown superstars compete on the same event. I have plenty of co workers who follow WWE. So I have something good to talk about the next morning. So back to the topic at hand: how do you survive fallout syndrome? Well let me first explain what fallout syndrome is. Fallout syndrome is when you finish watching a WWE pay per view and you just want to get to bed so you can get to work the next morning. Some of their pay per views go up until between  11:30 and midnight. Last Wrestlemania, that Roman Reigns versus The Undertaker match lasted until 12:15 in the morning and boy was I tired. I’m not going to succumb to the aftermath of Fallout Syndrome – again! So how do you survive it? Well it’s called a thing I sometimes suck at, planning.

1. Prepare everything you need for work ahead of time.  (Including showering and lunch).

2. Have Dunkin’ Donuts or whatever coffee app you have set up with an order of your favorite caffeinated beverage, (coffee, latte, machiatto, tea or espresso spiked hot cocoa).

3. DVR Raw and Smackdown so you can fast forward through the annoying commercials and enjoy the show.

4. Pick out your favorite wrestling shirt. (Roman or Shield? can’t decide)…

5. Bring up all of your favorite snacks and enjoy Wrestlemania!

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