Autism Awareness Day: Big Help or Big Hoax?

Ah…Autism Awareness Day. A day where landmarks across the nation turn blue to bring so-called ‘Awareness’ to people like us. Here is how I feel about it: I think it’s a big hoax. Why? I’ll give you my reasons:

1. Awareness isn’t enough. The reason is because awareness is all well and good if people act on that awareness and do something to change the way we live in life.

2. Autism is NOT caused by vaccines! That is a major hoax. The truth is that no one knows what causes it still.

3. Awareness does no good unless people, certain organizations, and facilities of post secondary education helping or dealing with the Autistic community actually listen and change their attitudes towards the future of each individual’s lives. i.e. : better funding to help all people on the spectrum and not just the more severe cases.

4. Stereotypes! Everyone thinks that all Spectrum kids are male, non verbal, and violent! Not true! I am a very verbal and opinionated high functioning spectrum female thank you very much! However, I still have my issues. Thus, why it’s hard for me to get assistance. I will discuss this in a later post.

So this is my view of Autism awareness day. If any of my readers have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I will NOT address any comments that I deem uncouth. Thank you!

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