An Understanding of Terminology

In my last post I spewed a lot of what I call technobabble at you. Technobabble is when someone  writes something so fancy or complex that you get confused and don’t understand it. Yecch! So annoying! So I’m gonna put some of the things in my post into what I call simplese for you.

The Ables – The High Functioning Spectrum community on Facebook call non-spectrum people this. Sometimes they think they can speak for us and think that they know everything. UGH! I HATE when they act like bossy know it alls.

Veterinary Technician – Most people don’t know the difference between this and a Veterinary assistant- not even pet owners! This frustrates me a lot. The fact that when I say what career I want and they have no clue what I’m talking about. A Veterinary Technician is like a nurse and then some to the Veterinarian. They assist in surgery, take X-rays, draw blood, clean the animals teeth, and clip their nails. Right now I’m just a mere surgical assistant which is not recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association or AVMA for short. Most ables I deal with have no f***king clue what my mom and I talking about and send us to the wrong place! ARGH! Uneducated ables annoy me to pieces! No wonder my mom can’t get anything done!

Ho bag- pretty self explanatory term I’m sure everyone knows. It’s a more blunt version of ‘bed buddy’. Don’t EVER let a boy treat you like that! I like to know who I’m doing it with thank you very much! Therefore, if you’re not willing to wait until I get to know you, trust you, and tie the knot; I’m not your girl. I’m a woman, not someone’s ho bag. I want a companion, not a one night stand. My folks taught me better than that.

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