Hi I’m Artemislevina!

Hello readers of Precious Little Aspie! I am Artemislevina and I am the newest member of the blog. I am a 28 year old Spectrum female who has her own struggles in life. I live on the border of Queens and Nassau county in New York and I hope that this blog will help make my voice heard as well. I want to become a Veterinary technician and work with animals. Most people don’t know what that is, and it makes it extremely frustrating when my mom tries to advocate for me on the phone. The ‘ables’ as I call them can be soooo stupid sometimes! They can also be very rude and annoying. I haven’t dated in four years due to the ignorance of the able I was dating. He disrespected me and my wishes. He thought he could get away with making me his ‘ho bag’ and fondle me on the train. (On the way home from a Mets game of course.) Not fun! So anyway, I’m here to share my everyday thoughts whenever I can (or if I just want to vent) and get my voice heard. I’m tired of being shoved away or judged by ables who don’t know me so I hope I can be heard here and to make a difference in this world somehow. Thanks!

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